08 June, 2011

The new herbs arrive

Image from: http://www.manorfarmherbs.co.uk/
Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show (it does make me laugh, all those grand designs and all I can think about is this one diddy plant), I began the search for a beautiful herb called blackcurrant sage. I have to confess I'm not a great lover of sage and wasn't too upset when mine didn't spring back after the harsh winter we had. This sage, however, is something completely different. First of all, it looks very pretty with lovely pink flowers and secondly, the leaves can be sprinkled over fruit salads, used in baking biscuits and pies or made into a nice pot of tea. That sounds like my kind of sage.

I found a place selling them online, but before I could place my order I caught sight of two other herbs I've been interested in growing, perilla and mitsuba. A couple of clicks and days later... And the herbs have arrived.  

More to come, hopefully, after the leaves have had a chance to grow and I can start experimenting.


  1. Oh I love herbs and now you've given me another to lust after! I've just had a look at Manor farm herbs - is that where they're from? - and seen some lovely ones that I might just not be able to resist... Will look forward to reading about your experiments in due course! Caro x

  2. That's a great site for herbs, thanks!


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